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Of our visitors who responded, 52% lived in Kenya at some time, 29% learned about it in school and 16% visited on business or were citizens.

March 13, 2004

  • The anthem page has been updated with a picture of President Mwai Kibaki (after receiving many emails about it).
  • We may start selling some carvings, baskets, and other miscellaneous Kenyan stuff that my family brought back over the years. If we do this, we will set up a page with pictures and descriptions.
  • The Kenya quizzes are still some of the most popular pages on the site.

Future of the site

This site was one of the first Kenya sites on the web. As far as we know, only RC Bowen's page was up before ours, although a couple of others came online around the same time as ours. We built the majority of this site in 1996 and 1997, when we had much more time than we have now.

We get a lot of email about Kenya and about linking to this site. We try to respond to as many as possible, but simply don't have time any more to do so. Also, we get a lot of questions about where to stay in Kenya, what it is like there, whether it is safe, etc. We haven't been to Kenya since 1989 and don't feel like we can honestly answer these questions anymore. We keep in touch with people there, but are no longer qualified to give advice or recommendations.

Due to lack of time, there will probably be no more updates nor will we be responding to email (unless it's from a friend who found us through the site or it's just so interesting that we can't help but respond). What is here will remain here and occasional updates may occur (but no promises). There are a lot of great Kenya sites now that can provide current information or answer questions. Thanks for all the emails supporting the site and we are glad that so many people have enjoyed it.

Tim and Lara Beth

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Last updated: March 13, 2004

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